Buy Disposable Menthol E Cigs

Disposable menthol e cigs are quickly becoming one of the most popular brands of flavored e cigs.  Menthol cigarettes were always popular so it doesn’t surprise me that so many people want to buy disposable menthol e cigs.

Part of the reason is that the taste of the menthol e cigs is identical to how a regular menthol cigarette taste so you are no giving up anything in terms of taste.

Disposable menthol e cigs are also very convenient to use.  You can smoke them virtually anywhere and not disturb the person next to you.  You can smoke e cigs in restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels and apartments without anyone even knowing or complaining.  That is the beauty of a disposable menthol e cig.

Add to the fact that disposables are easy to use and are much cheaper than paying for the price of a pack of menthol cigarettes and you can see why people are buying disposable and making the complete switch to menthol e cigs.

Before you go out and buy a disposable menthol e cig, we like to recommend that instead of buying just one disposable e cig that you buy them in packs of 5.  You will get a significant discount and a huge savings over your smoking life.

Many of the biggest savings can be found online.  We will be posting some of the best disposable e cigs deals so that you can take advantage of them in the days to come so keep coming back to our blog.  Thanks